Zing! Speak Like a Leader

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Jam-packed with inspirational stories and easy-to-apply
strategies this practical guide will help you to:

  • Build confidence and self-belief
  • Plan, construct and deliver powerful messages
  • Connect deeply to win an audience’s hearts and minds
  • Think, act and speak like a leader.


“If you have ever thought of becoming a professional speaker or you struggle with speaking in front of people then this book will be perfect for you. 
"Mark explains things perfectly for any reader and as someone who speaks at over 100 conferences each year, it made perfect sense to me and reminded me of some areas I too had to address when starting out."

Justin Herald - Managing Director - Major Motivation - Author of 8 International Best Selling Books

“I know great speakers are not born but decide to be made.  This book is a great resource for those who’ve decided to become great speakers.”

Diane Smith-Gander - President CEW and well respected NED

“This excellent book is loaded with great ideas to help you be an excellent speaker – every time!”

 Brian Tracy - Author - Speak to Win

"Zing: Speak Like A Leader clearly converts complex concepts into well-structured and easy to implement actions that will unlock your potential as an engaging and influential speaker.
Insightful, refreshingly practical and down to earth this rich speaking resource will dramatically help any speaker, from new leader through to seasoned professional, to better inform, entertain and inspire their audience".

Ian Hutchinson - Founder, LifebyDesign.com.au - Professional Speakers Australia Hall of Fame - Educator of the Year

“Having fallen into the field of public speaking due to my career in cricket, I wish there was this type of book at the time to assist me. Not only does the author address all aspects of becoming a confident speaker, he also provides real life examples which makes it very readable. It doesn’t matter if you hate public speaking or enjoy it, Mark challenges all levels and provides some handy hints along the way."

Lisa Sthalekar - Former International Cricketer, Commentator, Speaker and Specialist Coach.